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Hi everyone! I am the packet thrower wife. I am hijacking his blog because he is too lazy to post. 🙂 I work in the Cybersecurity space and I thought, what a great way to contribute by dumping my Cybersecurity thoughts in this blog!

Top Myths about Internet Security

Myth #1: Hackers will not target me because I don’t own much.

Many people think that the bad guys will not go after them. “I only have a laptop and a phone, hackers will not target me. I don’t have a lot.” This is the most common misconception. You may have other devices that are connected to the internet that you are not aware of. Do you watch shows on Netflix or Apple TV, Disney+? Do you monitor the baby room or your front door from a camera? Do you monitor your heart rate while working out? Do you have voice-controlled devices? If you answer yes to any of the questions, then you own more devices than you think of! If hackers gain access to your devices, they can steal your personal information and sensitive files. They can either extort you by installing malicious software on your device or by selling your personal information online. They can also use the compromised device to access your online banking. Additionally, your email contacts are a gold-mine for hackers! The bad guys can also target your friends or family through you. If hackers compromise your email, they can use that to trick your contacts by pretending to be you. They can then jump from your stuff to your friends or family and attempt to steal their information too.


| Hackers can target individuals even if they appear to be of low value.

Myth #2: Wi-Fi networks with password are generally safe to use

You need to access the internet but don’t want to burn your data usage. You see the lock symbol on the Wi-Fi from the Coffee Shop nearby. You use the password that the barista generously shared to you after paying for your latte. Then, you connect to it and browse your email, social media, and online banking. However, you didn’t realize that a hacker may have already established an unfettered access to the Wi-Fi network. This is the perfect opportunity for hackers to eavesdrop to your internet browsing. It’s also called as Man-In-The-Middle Attack wherein the hacker will place themselves between you and the public Wi-Fi connection point. The hacker may have access to every piece of information you’ve sent out to the internet such as important emails, banking information and security credentials to your business networks. They can then use the stolen information to access the systems and appears as if they were you.


| Public Wi-Fi that appears to be free come with cost. Use them with caution

Myth #3: The password written on my notebook is safe

You may think that that it is okay to write down the password of the low-value account you created recently. Think again! If you have written down the password, chances are, you have been accustomed to writing down your passwords of other accounts too! It only takes one person to see that notebook and all the accounts you’ve written to that notebook may be compromised.


| It is never safe to write down passwords even if you think that you are the only person who have access to it. Use a password manager instead.

What are other misconceptions that you can think of? I’d love to hear from you by leaving a comment below.

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