Deploy vSRX – VMware Workstation


This post is going to go over the basics of setting up a few Juniper vSRXs instead of VMware Workstation 11 but it will work fine if your not running the latest and greatest version yet.

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[mini EIGRP lab] – The DUALity of Man


Urgent help required!

After finding out that RIP isn’t hip anymore we at DERPCORP have decided to migrate to an open standard routing protocol! After googling for literally seconds we found an article published on April 1 saying that EIGRP is a open standard so we have adopted it immediately…since /u/the-packet-thrower was still in his “blackout nap” after celebrating his shiny new VCP.

We asked the nice folks at /r/computertechs for advice but unfortunately things aren’t quite working for some reason.

Notes & Rules & Stuff

This lab was made with the c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.152-4.S5 image so for best results you should be running something similar.

The hosts in the lab are just 7200 routers with routing disabled and dhcp set on the interface. I debated using thin VMs etc but ultimately decided that it would be easier for those without strong GNS3 skills but no harm in swamping them out for 3600 routers or VMs.

Once again, this is for fun so try to refrain from posting answers but discussion should be fine, also try to fix any issues rather than just remove the feature.

This lab has a fair amount of cool stuff that is above the CCNA level (DMVPN, DHCP, NTP, IPv6) that one might see in the real world though the faults should be fair enough for you guys to give it the old college try.


  1. The hosts don’t seem to be getting DHCP addresses
  2. We heard that EIGRP is supposed to load balance non equal paths but that doesn’t seem to be working on the FW-Main1 links
  3. Hosts can’t seem to get to (, fix it! fix it! fix it!

Here’s the link for the lab HERE

[mini RIP lab] – A RIP-ROARING Good Time


After getting some network advice from that friendly /r/sysadmin sub your junior went to work on your RIP network, however things don’t seem to be working all that great.

  1. R1 is preferring the old and boring Frame relay link to reach R4’s loopback.
  2. Between R2 and R3 something seems wrong.
  3. There also seems to be some weirdness getting to R4 from the Ethernet! Fix it!

The lab stuff can be found HERE

It is made with 7200 images

Don’t share answers as this is just for fun and try to fix issues rather than remove configuration.

The Glossary


The D-Link syndrome

My term for when a inexperienced or small time tech or one man shop who thinks he is better than he is because he has mastered every little setting in the D-link router he owns or manages. It’s not the techs fault he just simply has never seen the more complicated stuff like say OSPF or BGP so he naturally assumes he is a walking expert.