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I suddenly remembered I had this blog and figured I should make a quick post before I forget.

I’ve been hearing over and over that Cisco really needs to borrow Juniper’s commit confirmed feature, guess what? They have several years ago!

The feature is called: Configuration Rollback Change Confirmed

To start we need to configure config archiving on the device

Cisco-R02(config-archive)#path flash:
Cisco-R02(config-archive)#maximum 10

Now we enter configuration mode but we add the revert timer keyword to enable config rollbacks.

Cisco-R02#configure terminal revert timer ?
Confirmation time in minutes
idle Idle time for which to wait for confirmation

You can either enter how many minutes to wait before rollback the config, or you can use the idle keyword to tell the router to wait until your no longer typing before starting the timer. This is handy if you have a lot of configuration in your change and don’t want to set the wait timer too high.

Let’s test this out!

Cisco-R02#term mon
Cisco-R02#configure terminal revert timer 1
Rollback Confirmed Change: Backing up current running config to flash:-Jun-16-19-32-31.853-1

Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
Cisco-R02(config)#hostname TEST
*Jun 16 19:33:31.934: %ARCHIVE_DIFF-5-ROLLBK_CNFMD_CHG_ROLLBACK_START: Start rolling to: flash:-Jun-16-19-32-31.853-1
*Jun 16 19:33:32.115: Rollback:Acquired Configuration lock.

If we want to commit the changes we simply use configure confirm within the time limit we set.

TEST01#configure confirm  
*Jun 16 19:36:33.701: %ARCHIVE_DIFF-5-ROLLBK_CNFMD_CHG_CONFIRM: User: admin: Confirm the configuration change

5 thoughts on “The Undo Button – Cisco Commit Confirmed

    • Jake

      Nope – ‘commit confirm’ in Junos is instantaneous and reverts unless you ‘commit’ again within the time frame set. Cisco is similar as you must ‘configure confirm’ to make sure the configuration sticks. So if you muck something up, it will revert – both JunOS and IOS support this. It’s only been ingrained in our minds that Cisco doesn’t support this because of the time it took Cisco to quietly implemented this feature all the while JunOS supported it and was a talking point by Juniper SE’s for getting skin in the game during sales. They still use this tactic banking on peoples misconceptions and lack of up-to-date information.

      • Valencia R.

        I think he meant when you make a change, you can bundle them up and then commit whereas Cisco you press enter and it’s committed.

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